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Twilight Serenade

Twilight Serenade

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“Twilight Serenade”, a bouquet that weaves the magic of dusk into a symphony of captivating blooms. This exquisite bouquet features hot pink roses, peach and purple cremons, lush greenery, and delicate lavender-purple limonium. The hot pink roses symbolize gratitude, while peach embodies sincerity, and purple signifies creativity and luxury - each colour carefully chosen to evoke a spectrum of emotions.

“Twilight Serenade” is a radiant addition to our bright collection, crafted to make someone's day special and bright. Immerse yourself in this floral masterpiece, where colours and sentiments dance harmoniously to create a truly memorable experience.

Available in two different sizes (approximate height is 18 inches).

Pictures show both bouquet sizes.

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