Corporate Event for Corpay Canada - September 2022

Corporate Event for Corpay Canada - September 2022

In September 2022, we had the pleasure of adding a floral touch to Corpay Canada's corporate event aboard a boat at the Harbourfront in Toronto.

Event Highlights:

  • Location: Harbourfront, Toronto
  • Occasion: Corporate event for Corpay Canada

Floral Setup:

  • Orchid Elegance: Twelve Phalaenopsis orchid arrangements in transparent vases with black sand, gracing white top cruiser tables.
  • Calla Lily Chic:
    • Four calla lily arrangements in clear round/square vases with black sand for the coffee tables.
    • Two tall vases with calla lilies for the bar table.
    • Ten tall vases with calla lilies decorating the stair flights.

Table Arrangements:

  • Twelve white top cruiser tables.
  • Two black square coffee tables.
  • Two white square coffee tables.

Extra Touches:

  • A bar table enhanced with calla lily arrangements.
  • Floral decor on two flights of stairs.
  • All floral arrangements were meticulously transported to the venue.

Outcome: Our minimalist and sophisticated floral designs brought a touch of elegance to the event, perfectly aligning with the corporate atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

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