Evolving as One of the Best Florists in Toronto: Our Journey

We are one of the best flower shops in Toronto. At Flowers & Flowers, we aim to offer beautiful designer bouquets and flower arrangements at friendly prices. We believe everyone should enjoy fresh flowers without spending a lot. That's why we focus on providing great customer service and fresh bouquets to all our clients.

We began as an online store delivering flowers to everyone searching for a 'florist near me' in the area. As we got bigger, our customers helped us grow beyond just an online store. Soon, we opened a shop in downtown Toronto. Now, you can come and see our flower arrangements in person and witness how we make them, not just online.

Every bouquet we make has a personal touch. Our floral designers always include a free handwritten card with your message. This way, the joy of giving and receiving flowers becomes extra special.

We only use fresh and seasonal flowers from suppliers we trust. This ensures that you get the best flower arrangements that last longer.

We also thoughtfully designed our packaging. Special flower bags with water packs keep your flowers safe and have a low impact on the environment. This way, we do our part in caring for nature while delivering beauty to your doorstep. 

Why Choose Us?

We are not just another flower shop in Toronto. We are a team of skilled floral designers committed to making your floral experience memorable. Our customer service is always on top, making sure your experience is smooth from order to delivery.

Being among the best Toronto florists, we've seen how the right flower arrangements can brighten spaces and hearts. That's why we keep a wide variety of fresh bouquets ready for you. Whether it's a special occasion or just a regular day, we are here to make it better with flowers.

Visit our flower shop to explore a diverse selection of flowers. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you. Discover why many people consider us one of the best flower shops in Toronto. Your journey towards experiencing the joy and the beauty of fresh flowers begins here, at Flowers & Flowers.


Julia Egorova Florist in Toronto Downtown

Meet the Creator

Julia Egorova

Julia is the heart of our flower shop in Toronto. She loves flowers and design. Over the years, she has worked with many brides to make beautiful flower designs for their weddings. She also created flower arrangements for large events, including one for the Prada Group.

Julia is always looking for new ideas and new kinds of flowers to use in her designs. Even though she usually likes classic styles, she's flexible and can create new kinds of bouquets when asked. She learned a lot from working with the best florists in Toronto. What inspires her is her love for nature and photography which influences her designs.

You can see some of Julia's past work in her personal portfolio here. Through her hands, fresh and seasonal flowers transform into art, making any occasion feel extra special.

Our Recognition

Best Flower Delivery in Toronto

We're honored to be recognized by Clever Canadian as Toronto's top flower delivery service! A big thank you to our dedicated team and loyal customers for making this possible.

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