Women of Inspiration 2023 Special Event - November 2023

Women of Inspiration 2023 Special Event - November 2023

Location: 181 Wellington St W - The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

Description: For the Women of Inspiration 2023 event held at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto, in November 2023, we designed elegant and festive floral arrangements. The event's color scheme featured white florals, bright green leaves, and red and gold accents.


  • Centrepieces: Arranged for 7 cocktail tables, each adorned with a mix of white hydrangeas, red and white roses, green spray chrysanthemums, and red luxe carnations, complemented by lush greenery and hypericum berries. Each table also featured three gold glass votive candles.
  • Check-In Desk: Two tall floral arrangements in glass cylinder vases, showcasing a sophisticated blend of red and white roses, white hydrangeas, red carnations, and vibrant greenery.
  • Stage Arrangements: Two long high-level floral designs (22-24''L x 16-18'' W) for the stage, incorporating the event’s festive color palette and enhancing the overall decor.


  • Clear cube/cylinder glass vases (4x4'' and 5x5'')
  • Taller glass cylinder vases for the check-in desk

Flowers Used:

  • Hydrangea (white)
  • Roses (white and red)
  • Spray chrysanthemum (green)
  • Hypericum berries (green)
  • Luxe carnation (red)
  • Lush greenery
  • Additional accent florals

The floral arrangements added a touch of elegance and festivity to the Women of Inspiration 2023 event, perfectly complementing the sophisticated ambiance of The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto.

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