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If you were looking for dried flowers in Toronto, welcome to our collection, where timeless beauty meets effortless elegance. Our selection showcases nature's artistry, from delicate grasses to vibrant blooms, all preserved to last. An arrangement of dried flowers offers a unique charm that fresh flowers can't match. Their lasting nature means you can enjoy their beauty without the worry of wilting or constant care.

Perfect for any setting, our dried flowers arrangements bring a touch of rustic sophistication to your home or office. Whether you want to light up a small space or make a serious statement with an elaborate bouquet, our collection has it all.

This type of flowers is a sustainable choice, requiring no water and minimal maintenance. They are also ideal for allergy sufferers, as they are pollen-free. If you don't know where to buy dried flowers in Canada, check our collection and find the perfect arrangement to express your style. Add a lasting touch of nature to your space.

Bewitched Dried Arrangement


$48.00 CAD
Cotton Dreamscape

Cotton Dreamscape

$59.00 CAD
Azure Breeze

Azure Breeze

$69.00 CAD
Little Kiss

Little Kiss

$48.00 CAD


$42.00 CAD
Mauve Harvest

Mauve Harvest

$46.50 CAD
Royal Velvet Oasis

Royal Velvet Oasis

$134.00 CAD

Dried Flowers Q&A

Exploring Dried Flowers, Grasses, and Floral Arrangements
  • Nature's Artwork: Dried flowers are natural blooms carefully preserved to maintain their shape and color. They include a variety of flowers and grasses.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: These arrangements are sustainable, as they don't require the resources needed for fresh flowers.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Their unique textures and colors add a timeless elegance to any setting. Additionally, they last much longer than fresh flower arrangements.
Benefits of Choosing Dried Flowers
  • Durability: Dried flowers outlast fresh ones, maintaining their appearance for months or even years.
  • Low Maintenance: They are hassle-free, needing no water or specific climate conditions.
  • Allergy-Friendly: Ideal for those sensitive to pollen, offering beauty without the sneezes.
Creative Uses of Dried Flowers
  • Home Decor: An Ideal choice for adding a rustic charm to vases, wreaths, or picture frames.
  • Memorable Gifts: They are a modern way of making lasting gifts and keepsakes, holding their beauty over time.
  • Event Decor: Ideal for event decorations like table centerpieces, offering a sophisticated and lasting touch.
Comparing Costs: Dried Flowers vs. Fresh Flowers
  • Long-Term Savings: Dried flowers often cost less over time. They last longer than fresh flowers, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Initial Price: While some dried flowers might cost more upfront, their longevity offers better value.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: There are affordable dried flowers for any budget, making them accessible to everyone.
Caring for a Dried Flower Bouquet
  • Keep Dry: Avoid water and moisture to maintain their appearance.
  • Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft brush or a blow dryer on a cool setting for dusting.
  • Avoid Sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade their colors. Place them in a shaded area.
Combining Dried and Fresh Flowers for Weddings
  • Textural Contrast: Mixing dried and fresh flowers creates a unique textural and visual contrast.
  • Adaptable Design: This combination allows for creative and diverse floral arrangements.
  • Lasting Keepsakes: You can keep dried elements in wedding bouquets as long-lasting mementos.
Do Dried Flowers Have a Smell?
  • Odor-Free Advantage: Being mostly odor-free, they're suitable for scent-sensitive environments.
  • Natural Fragrance: Some retain a mild, natural scent, while others may lose their fragrance after drying.
  • Scented Options: You can add essential oils for a desired fragrance.