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Serenade of Wheat and Petals

Serenade of Wheat and Petals

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Discover the rustic charm of our "Serenade of Wheat and Petals" dried flower arrangement. This exquisite display captures the essence of pastoral beauty. Its core composition is of dried wheat stalks, symbolizing abundance and natural splendor.

The bouquet brings together deep red proteas, their rich color catching the eye. Alongside them, the gypsophila, airy and delicate, adds a gentle contrast. This mix highlights the unique textures of each bloom, creating a display that's both striking and harmonious.

This arrangement sits in a stylish, two-tone vase, showing off classic style and simple charm. It makes an ideal centerpiece, shining a light on the simple beauty of dry flowers. Envision the essence of the harvest season captured and displayed in your home or office.

Care Instructions: To preserve the natural beauty of your arrangement, avoid direct sunlight and moisture.

Available in one size (height of 20 inches and a width of 12 inches).

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